OMNI – Mobile WMS App

omni Mobile WMS App

Mobile WMS App for OMNI ERP Solution
  • From inventory control, shipping and receiving, to order fulfilment, a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is vital for improving the efficiency of a company’s warehouse operations.
  • OMNI Mobile WMS App uses QR Code technology to track inventory. QR Code is a two dimensional bar code.
  • The Mobile WMS App is used to track whether the ordered material is delivered at particular location according to the code printed on the purchase order. The scanned information is interpreted and automatically updated in the ERP system.
How it works?
Mobile WMS App for OMNI ERP Solution - Aspirtek
scan QR code using camera or mobile device
Challenges Addressed
Sales Order to Procurement
  • By integrating the Sales and Procurement cycles OMNI-WMS ensures that Supply and Demand are accurately balanced.
  • OMNI WMS ensures that the Stock Statement is up-to-date and Stock-Outs and customer dissatisfaction are eliminated.
Sales Order to Procurement
  • OMNI WMS supports Item bar-coding ensuring easy Inventory Management and Operation. The OMNI WMS App uses the Mobile Camera as a bar-code scanner, eliminating need for additional Hardware.
Sales Order to Procurement
  • The OMNI WMS is tightly integrated with the Order Taking System in OMNI ERP – ensuring that Customer Invoicing is completed as soon as the Sales Order is Shipped. Reducing Data Entry and ensuring that Working Capital requirements are optimized.
  • You can scan QR code using camera or mobile device.
  • QR Code can be used like conventional bar codes but it is more versatile.
  • Allows user to scan PO, Lot, and Location.
  • Link between mobile device and ERP system.
  • Completely measureable.
  • Instant link to product details.
  • User does not have to type the code, he can just scan and product details will be shown.
  • Eliminates human error in counting.
  • Real time position of inventory can be obtained.
  • It saves money by keeping low inventory and providing timely information.
  • Instant access to more information about a product, service directly from your mobile.
  • Reduces man hours by using automated data capture.