OMNI- Mobile Attendance:ERP Solution Mobile Attendance App

omni Mobile Attendance App

OMNI Mobile Attendance app
  • Mobile attendance is simple and elegant solution for attendance tracking.
  • Employee can mark his attendance from anywhere in the world using his mobile device.
  • It is fully integrated with the ERP System.
  • You can access, track and supervise employee attendance remotely.
  • You can generate reports and see how many hours each employee has worked.
How it works?

Step-1: Start.

Step-2: Login using your mobile device.

Step-3: Select Time entry from the menu.

Step-4: Select location and date to display and employee from the list.

Step-5: Fill in the status and hours.

Step-6: Save the time entry.

Step-7: End.

ERP Solution Mobile Attendance App - Aspirtek
  • Flexible, reliable and easy to use.
  • User can mark attendance on daily and weekly basis.
  • Supports role based login.
  • High level of authentication.
  • List of all employees who are allocated on particular location/site/job is displayed.
  • Default hour button is provided to give default hours to all employees.
  • No errors due to availability of dropdowns for all required information.
  • Marks staff attendance easily from anywhere.
  • Multi location tracking of manpower allocated anywhere in the world.
  • Helps to create a fair and unbiased work environment.
  • Real time and accurate attendance data is available.
  • Keeping up with Labor Laws is easily possible.
  • No paperwork is required as mobile device is used.
  • Physical biometric attendance system or attendance register is not required.