Professional Services ERP

Professional Services ERP

OMNI is a Powerful, Completely Integrated, and Uniquely Flexible ERP for the Professional Services Industry implemented in verticals as diverse as Manpower Supply, Catering, Consulting, Facilities Management and Security Services.

With best-in-class features for, Project Management, Supply Chain, HRMS, Payroll, Finance and Analytics, OMNI Professional Services ERP enables Professional Service Organizations to deliver client Projects and manage the resources necessary to execute those Projects.

Addressing the challenges of Professional Services Organizations.

  • The challenge of accurately assessing profitability forces Service Contractors to come up with Bids that are too low or too high.
  • By allowing Detailed Resource Level Costing, OMNI Professional Services ERP ensures that a Bid always reflects the Cost Structure of a Project.

  • Long-running projects need complete and timely visibility into project and financial status.
  • OMNI Professional Services ERP provides an integrated Job Dashboard that ensures that proactive decisions on costs, margins and schedule can be made in real-time.

  • Every Professional Service Organization’s Key Asset is its Workforce.
  • OMNI Professional Services ERP’s integrated HRMS allows optimum utilization of a Professional Service Organization’s Human Capital.
  • Skills Matrix, Resource Calendar, Talent Acquisition modules ensure that the Resource Pipeline is always full.

  • Stale Timesheets mean lost revenue and delayed collections, ultimately straining cashflow.
  • As an integrated project ERP OMNI provides multiple channels and mobile capabilities for timesheet entry ensuring that time is entered and bills generated “on-time”, every-time!

  • Professional Service Organizations have extreme diversity in workforce and their work schedules, payments made through regular payroll thus have a high degree of variation.
  • OMNI’s unique payroll rules engine allows users the flexibility of multiple levels of earnings and deductions while enforcing the structure of an ERP.

  • Through Alerts and Dedicated Reports OMNI Professional ERP ensures accurate and predictive Cash-flow Tracking and Working Capital Optimization.
  • Subcontractor Work Progress is Tied to Project Progress ensuring that Customer Billing Delays are minimized.
  • Customer Invoices are tracked as per the Billing and Payment Cycles ensuring timely invoice presentation and collection.
  • Customer Retention Amounts are automatically Tracked with Invoices, thus minimizing the chance of Excess Retain-age.

  • Dispersed Workforces and time constrained professionals make gathering real-time Project Data a challenge.
  • OMNI Professional Services ERP provides Mobile Apps for Android Tablets and Smart-phones – that bring Total Mobility to the Professional Service Organization with real time data from project execution.

OMNI the ERP for Professional Services

OMNI Professional Services ERP brings together all stakeholders within and outside the contracting organization. Through a unique web-enabled system accessible through a standard browser various stakeholders including Clients, Sub-Contractors, Project Management Consultants can all be brought together and share information for total project visibility.

Implementing OMNI Professional Services ERP allows firms to maximize resource utilization and therefore increase billable hours, reduce costs, identify business opportunities faster, and maintain relationships with clients. OMNI ERP enables Professional Service Organizations to better understand their businesses and their processes and delivers enhanced value to their clients.
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