Construction ERP Software for Infrastructure, EPC Contractors

Integrated Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractor ERP Software
OMNI is a Construction ERP Software that addresses all the project management, financial and operational requirements of executing Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors projects. Built from the ground up to address the challenges of Construction/Infrastructure, and EPC Contractors, OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP helps manage and control projects by providing complete and instant access to its progress. Using the OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractor ERP platform, contractors can obtain real time data of project profitability and analyse costs, revenues, liabilities and subcontractor performance.
Addressing the Challenges of Construction/Infrastructure, EPC Contractors
  • The challenge of accurately assessing profitability forces Contractors to come up with Bids that are too low or too high.
  • By allowing Detailed Resource Level Costing, OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP Software ensures that a Bid always reflects the Cost Structure of a Project
  • Long-running Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractor Projects require continuous monitoring – but phone calls, email and spreadsheets result in information overload.
  • OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP provides an integrated Job Dashboard that ensures that project status is one click away.
  • Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contracts Planning is a dynamic process, various factors contribute to changes in Plans.
  • OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP allows multiple versioning of plans and creates Change Reports – ensuring that Delays and Overruns are nipped in the bud.
  • OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP’s Issue Tracker Module allows users to report, track and resolve all issues affecting Projects.
  • Through a dynamic responsive interface OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP answers questions such as:
    • Who reported the issue, who requires resolution and how long has it been open?
    • How should it be delivered, by Whom and by When?
    • What is the risk and How can it be mitigated?
  • Monitoring Activity Level performance is a critical Requirement of the Construction/Infrastructure Industry.
  • OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP minimizes Margin Leakage by allowing Drill-Down of Resource Utilization at all Levels of the Project Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Through Alerts and Dedicated Reports OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP ensures accurate and predictive Cash-flow Tracking and Working Capital Optimization.
    • Subcontractor Work Progress is Tied to Project Progress ensuring that Customer Billing Delays are minimized.
    • Customer Invoices are tracked as per the Billing and Payment Cycles ensuring timely invoice presentation and collection.
    • Customer Retention Amounts are automatically Tracked with Invoices, thus minimizing the chance of Excess Retain-age.
  • Remote Sites and Unskilled Manpower make gathering Project Data that reflects the Ground Reality a challenge.
  • OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP provides Mobile Apps for Android Tablets and Smart-phones – that bring Total Mobility to the Construction Process with real time data from project sites.
OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP – encompasses the entire Construction Project Lifecycle
  • Bid Review
  • Site Investigation Design, Detailing & Qualification
  • Value Engineering
  • Vendor Tie-ups
  • Bid Preparation Approval
  • Post Bid Process
  • Project Kick-off
  • Initial Project Mobilization
  • Design & Drawing Plan
  • HSE Plan
  • Work Method Preparation
  • Project Scheduling
  • Value Engineering
  • Sustainability
  • Planned Costing
  • Quantity Takeoff
Execution & Monitoring
  • Execution Planning
  • Routine Schedule
  • Engineering Management
  • Material Management
  • Subcontract Management
  • P & M Management
  • Quality & Safety Management
  • Process Monitoring (Time & Cost)
  • Contracts & Claim
  • Discussion, Chat & Alert
  • Document Management
  • Billing, Invoicing & Receivables
Close out
  • Close-out Planning
  • Customer Handover
  • Demobilization of resources
  • Project Learnings
  • Knowledgebase
OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP – embraces the latest Technology Platform
Using the latest Microsoft .NET technology and SQL Server 2012 with a state of the art Web 2.0 interface, OMNI Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors ERP simplifies the process of entering site related data into the system and makes it extremely easy to get profitability and job cost reports.
With the Windows Server™ platform as the foundation, Omni© delivers dependable infrastructure for data management and analysis; enterprise process integration; customer, business partner, and HRMS; business process automation; communications and collaboration; and core IT operations including security, deployment, and system management.
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