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What Is OMNI?

Aspirtek is a leading developer of ERP for construction industry and a provider of ERP solutions in India. Aspirtek is a developer of OMNI, for project-based business models where jobs or projects are the unit of execution. It comprises Estimation, Project Management, Job Costing, Procurement, Billing, Subcontractor Management modules integrated with HRMS, Finance, Payroll, CRM and Document Management.
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Construction ERP Software Mumbai

OMNI ERP solutions

provides Project visibility from anywhere. Using OMNI’s ERP for construction, any project stakeholder can execute a globally dispersed project in real-time using mobile Application add-on which is developed for Android Smart phones and Tablets .
A variety of processes can be directly transacted from the field thus eliminating the need for phone calls, emails and paper work which are usually used for obtaining Project Data from Sites. Read More

OMNI ERP for Construction has it all.

Construction ERP Software,ERP for construction
The OMNI ERP for construction industry

allows users to manage all stages of the Project Lifecycle. OMNI ERP solutions integrates project management with the financial and operational requirements of executing projects in verticals such as

Real Estate,
Manpower Service,
Facilities Management and
Professional Services.

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OMNI is different.

Construction ERP Software,ERP for Construction FOCUS
We focus exclusively on Project Management. If your business revolves around Project Execution. You need an OMNI ERP system.
Construction ERP software, ERP for construction EVERYTHING
We have everything you need, now say goodbye to multiple systems and silo-ed data. If you keep a team to create an MIS, you need OMNI ERP Solutions.
Construction ERP Software, ERP for Construction HARMONY
Most ERP systems require “Business-Process-ReEngineering”, but OMNI ERP Solution works with your own process not ours. If you are tired of endless rounds of Process Improvement, then you need OMNI ERP system.
Construction ERP Software Mumbai, India CHOICE
We offer SaaS because it’s a great fit for many people, but we know a hosted or on- premise solution works better for some. We are the only vendor to offer all three options; SaaS, Hosted or On-Premise.
Construction ERP Software, ERP for Construction EASY
We make it easy to start, with rapid implementation cycles and “AS-IS” deployments, be ready in months not in years.